Gaganveer Singh (India)

Course :  Accredited Gemologist (A.G.)

Gaganveer Singh A.G. @littlegemologist @pradeep_gems trades colored stones and makes custom jewelry for his clients. Born in Lucknow, India, Singh was a financial professional before starting his career in gems and jewelry. His father, a gem enthusiast, encouraged him to enter the world of gemstones.

Starting from zero, Signh researched extensively before deciding AIGS is one of the best places to study colored stones, "I know it was the right place to go. Professional teachers, abundant gemstone samples, enthusiastic staff and predominant location in the Jewelry Trade Center, it was a wonderful experience to study at AIGS."

He successfully completed the AIGS Accredited Gemologist Diploma in 2019 and reflects his education has helped him a lot when purchasing gemstones. In addition, he remarks that the opportunity to make new friends in class including gem suppliers, gem cutters, jewelry designers and others from all over the world has been a great asset. Singh also publishes a blog where you can read more about all things related to gems, jewelry and gemology.